Keeping On

It’s been almost two weeks since I decided to push hard after the half. Continue reading Keeping On


My PIIT28 Experience

2017 has been a little strange for me as far as my workouts go. I’ve struggled to get back into weight lifting and stay consistent with a fitness routine, so I decided to kick my butt into gear with PIIT28. After a lot of research and thought, I purchased PIIT28 1.0 and started the program after my annual 10 mile race in April. I knew that trying a new (and likely difficult) workout during half marathon training was kind of crazy and risky, so I tried to keep my head on straight during the 4 weeks leading up to the Cleveland half marathon and my last PIIT20 1.0 workout. Here are some thoughts and feelings from the journey. Continue reading My PIIT28 Experience

Running After a Car Accident

Don’t panic. The accident was in May and I was rear ended and pushed into the car in front of me. As E likes to say, I was “ping-ponged” between the two cars, so as you might imagine, my neck isn’t exactly in tip-top shape anymore. The muscle stiffness I felt in the coming weeks after the accident was mild and only slightly affected my running, especially since I was taking some time off after the Cleveland Half Marathon anyways. But as time has gone on, I’ve noticed that my neck is really catching the brunt of the whiplash after effects. Continue reading Running After a Car Accident