My Reaction to Buzzfeed’s Marathon in 10 Weeks Video

It’s no secret that I cry when I see positive and inspiring running content/events…and it’s no secret that I am having a tough training season this time around. I usually tell myself that if I can get through a tough training run, it’ll all be worth it in the end. I know that I feel good at finish lines regardless and I know that there will be minor bumps in training, but sometimes it’s just HARD. For whatever reason (I’ve speculated that it could be different shoes, running form issues, a lazy January and February, or setbacks from my two falls in one week; I just don’t know what is bringing me down), this training season has been so hard on me and I Ran A Marathon With Only Ten Weeks Of Training made me feel better about everything I’ve been going through mentally. Continue reading My Reaction to Buzzfeed’s Marathon in 10 Weeks Video

We Can Cook Too?!

Hi friends! Get ready for something a little different! Today I’m sharing some of my cooking endeavors to break the ice on a new topic on our blog: food. Expect some more food-related posts from us in the future and get ready to drool! After all, you can’t run without fuel. 🙂 Continue reading We Can Cook Too?!

Run Santa Run 5K

We ran the Run Santa Run 5K this past weekend! This race gave us some trouble initially. First, there was the question of what race we were going to run. December gets spotty; there aren’t many races to run and our schedules were filling up quickly due to the holidays. When we finally settled on Run Santa Run, we started looking forward to the beer glasses (and beer to go in them) as well as the Christmas cheer that comes with a Santa-themed race…but then weather happened. Continue reading Run Santa Run 5K