Munday Runday: T-Shirts

A month or so ago, I got frustrated with the mess I had made of my closet with my running clothes, so I decided to do some organizing and cleaning. From my past posts, you know that I have trouble getting rid of things and my race shirts are no exception. I opted to pack away any shirts that weren’t from 2015 races (that covers about 4 years) and continue to pack the 2015 ones away as the months tick by in 2016. Continue reading Munday Runday: T-Shirts


Munday Runday: Race Medals

A couple of weeks ago I talked about saving my race bibs, so I obviously save my race medals. I know some people may scoff at the participation medals, but I still think they’re a great way to commemorate the day and your accomplishment, so why not relish in the fact that you got something at the end of a race? (I feel a little differently when it comes to children in school and development achievements, but WOW that is not appropriate to debate here…) Maybe this is because I still feel fairly new to the sport, but I love everything that comes with running a race – the swag, the bib, the endorphin rush. Continue reading Munday Runday: Race Medals

Munday Runday: Race Bibs

I’ve already talked about my hoarding tendencies, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I save my bibs from races. I have all of my bibs since I started racing! I write down my time, pace, where I placed in my age group, and where I placed overall on the back of them and really treasure having all of that physically in one place. Continue reading Munday Runday: Race Bibs