Munday Runday: Cookies

Last week, I placed our order for Girl Scout cookies.

tumblr_n2pal38hqx1qikmd9o1_500 Continue reading Munday Runday: Cookies


Munday Runday: Forming a Habit

If you read our posts, I’m sure you know by now that R and I have challenged ourselves to do a run streak this year. We started in October and are running at least a mile a day through the end of the year. This totals to around 11 weeks of running; without looking at our exact start date, let’s assume we’re streaking for 75 days. Continue reading Munday Runday: Forming a Habit

Munday Runday: New Shoes [Again]

The last time I bought new running shoes was nearly a year ago. I snagged two pairs of Brooks for around $80 total during a crazy surprise sale. I rotated those two throughout the year and before I knew it, my fall half marathon was coming up – perfect timing to treat myself to new shoes! Continue reading Munday Runday: New Shoes [Again]

Munday Runday: Can We Talk About Slater’s Arms?

I left for vacation on Saturday morning and had a 9-10 mile run planned for Sunday. This meant a long run on vacation, after a full day of traveling, in a different climate, in a different time zone, and on an unpredictable day…so I ran on Saturday before heading to the airport and discovered something AMAZING. Continue reading Munday Runday: Can We Talk About Slater’s Arms?

Munday Runday: A Tale of Step Tracking Panic

Sometimes I have trouble getting my 10,000 steps in every day.

I’m human, I’m alive in the 21st century, and – let’s face it – I am capable of laziness. Continue reading Munday Runday: A Tale of Step Tracking Panic