Baby It’s Cold Outside

When we were running that chilly race on Veterans’ Day, K mentioned her cold hands and for some reason my mind went to Slow Hands. Maybe because your hands get slow when they’re cold? Have you tried typing with cold hands? It’s hard. Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside


Reasons I’m Struggling With Wireless Headphones

You may recall that I wrote a review of my Skullcandy Method Wireless Headphones and felt pretty good about them about 2 months into using them. Well, here we are, another 2 months later and about halfway through my training for a half marathon in late November and my feelings have changed. Here are the reasons why I’m struggling with these headphones now. Continue reading Reasons I’m Struggling With Wireless Headphones

Top 5 Halloween Candies I’m Going To Eat After The Race This Saturday

Hi guys I’m back! I recently returned from a long long stretch of traveling that feels like it’s been going on forever. After all the summer trips, I spent a month in Atlanta for work, followed by another long weekend in Minneapolis for a wedding. Not a whole lot of writing, not a whole lot of running. :-/ Continue reading Top 5 Halloween Candies I’m Going To Eat After The Race This Saturday

A Gruesome Toenail Update

You may remember my last toenail post and my promise to keep you updated on the status of my big toenail that had turned black. If you don’t remember, go read it. It’s good and gross. And if you do remember it, read on because the toenail saga continues. Continue reading A Gruesome Toenail Update

Pre-Run Foods!

I’m not an expert in fitness or nutrition, but here are some of my favorite foods to eat before running. These have proven to NOT cause gastric distress for me.* Some of these are good choices if you’re squeezing in a run after lunch, while others are fantastic pre-race fuel!

Continue reading Pre-Run Foods!