Baby It’s Cold Outside

When we were running that chilly race on Veterans’ Day, K mentioned her cold hands and for some reason my mind went to Slow Hands. Maybe because your hands get slow when they’re cold? Have you tried typing with cold hands? It’s hard. Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside


4th Annual Vet Day 5K and Mutt Strut

Saturday, November 11, 2017
9:00am, 25°F, Veterans Memorial Park

We saw November coming after last month got a little surprising, so we looked at the race calendar and had about 3 options that worked with our upcoming holiday schedules. All three of the races were a little far from us, so that didn’t help narrow things down, but the causes definitely did. We landed on veterans and puppies because…well, do you know us? We didn’t know much about the race other than the cause and were happy to take part in it.

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