5 Thoughts You Have When You Can’t Run

I recently had to take some time off from running (this one was by choice, not due to an injury) and my mind went all sorts of places during my 10 days off. There were some serious bouts with concern, dread, worry, and just feeling down on myself, but I found some ways to make light of the situation. Here are some thoughts we’ve probably all had when we haven’t been running as much as usual; the silly ones, not the bummers. Continue reading 5 Thoughts You Have When You Can’t Run


Running in April: A Photo Collection

Check out all of the cool things I saw around town in April! Continue reading Running in April: A Photo Collection

Munday Runday: New Shoes!


I had to take a month off from running, so I was itching to get some new shoes by the end of December. Right after Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a new pair and start to ease myself back into it. I ended up scoring 2 pairs of new Brooks shoes for almost exactly $100 for BOTH. So at that point, I wasn’t just excited about having new shoes, I was excited about nabbing such a great deal! Continue reading Munday Runday: New Shoes!

Munday Runday: Shews

I finally got some new shoes!!

I say finally, because well, this has been a long time coming. I think my just-retired pair was going on about five years now, and that’s just silly.

Back in 2012, reps from Marathon shoes came to my workplace, and offered up a free gait analysis / shoe recommendation session. I was feeling kinda motivated, so I gathered up my two-year old running shoes, and went to see them.

The guy took a look at my shoes, stared at them for a bit, and asked me how long I’d had them. After I told him, he looked a little incredulous, and told me…. “You don’t need new shoes yet. These have most of their tread still..”


And three years later…!


Shiny new Brooks!