5 Thoughts You Have When You Can’t Run

I recently had to take some time off from running (this one was by choice, not due to an injury) and my mind went all sorts of places during my 10 days off. There were some serious bouts with concern, dread, worry, and just feeling down on myself, but I found some ways to make light of the situation. Here are some thoughts we’ve probably all had when we haven’t been running as much as usual; the silly ones, not the bummers.

  1. When was the last time I did laundry? How do I still have clean underwear?

    Seriously…when I’m not running, will I ever need to do laundry again?
  2. I haven’t opened my weather app in days. I wonder when it rained last…

    Oh…no rain, just humidity.
  3. Do my shoes miss me as much as I miss them?

    IMG_2255 2
    A conversation between two sad pairs of shoes…
  4. Will I remember how to run?
  5. Ugh. Look at that girl running on the sidewalk. She’s such a jerk. How could she show off like this?

Here’s to getting through the struggle of time off and beginning the struggle of training after time off!