Hello Everyone!!

Thanks so much for reading / sharing / running / being our friends.

I’m super excited to get this page up and running (heh), and am also excited for the updates we have coming up!

Look out for:

  • UI Changes
  • Commenting
  • Subscribing
  • Sharing Buttons

If you have any other thoughts, tweet them at us at @KDDinCLE and @guharakesh!

Keep Running!



Hi! We’re K & R!

Hi! We’re K&R! We’re young-ish, grownup-ish, and we…run-ish?

Last year, a series of exciting events led us to running a race a month (that’s 12 races)! Those 12 races made us better friends, better at running, and better Clevelanders. Here, we’ll share with you our thoughts, lessons, and silly stories related to running, life, and Cleveland.

We’ll keep in touch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See you soon!

-K & R