The Power Of No

Recently, K and I have been ramping up our fitness efforts when it comes to not only running and exercise, but also diets. We’re trying to cook at home more, eat out less, which means cooking at home more and paying attention to what we’re eating.


I mean, juts look at those groceries. We’re killin’ it!

It’s going pretty well, and it feels good to be in control of what I’m eating. But it doesn’t always feel like I’m in control. Life happens, and there are always things to do with friends, roommates, significant others, and…caving in to treating myself. Going out to eat is inevitable, and it’s not always easy to be healthy when you do it.

There are a few ways to deal with it. In addition to being a little more lenient with myself, it helps to recognize when the portions are completely oversized. Listen, I know it’s fun to be a member of the Clean Plate Club, but it’s not always the healthiest. Maybe join the Pen Fifteen Club instead? ;D

Of course, it helps to recognize when going out is special versus when it’s not. At a fancy restaurant for your anniversary? Go ahead and order what you want to eat. But you’re meeting up with friends at the same old bar you always go to? Maybe get a wrap or salad instead of a burger. And now that I’m in the habit of cooking instead of choosing take out or going out, it feels good to have a healthy option instead of making a choice out of convenience. It finally doesn’t feel like I’m missing out by saying no to another restaurant meal – it actually feels good to be in control!



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