Feeling Good

I’m guilty of using the blog to air grievances whether they have to do with my body, my training plan, my headspace, or even just the weather in Cleveland. Today I’d like to do something different and praise the status of…things. Just everything, really.

While I could go on and on about how I think I have tendinitis, which snuck up on me right after my shin splints or how my overall running times have dropped this training season, I’d rather not. As someone who struggles with negativity sometimes, I think it’s time to be grateful and embrace the good (good timing, eh?). I’ve done enough venting here and amongst friends and family, so here’s what is going right with my running and body right now.

I’ve lost some weight. A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor and the dreaded step on the scale shocked me. I know I had gone a little off the rails over the summer but it really showed on the scale. This just gave me a kick in the pants (after a few mopey days) and I got a digital scale so I could really kick things into gear and track my goals. So far, with simple awareness of what I’m putting in my body for a couple of weeks, I’ve lost some weight and it feels so good.

I love my digital scale. I’m not into the numbers game when it comes to weight. I think it’s dangerous and I recognize my tendency to become obsessed with things like this, so I’ve never owned a scale. As I mentioned above, I had a goal to drop some weight and I’ve been doing that, but what I really want to do is gain muscle and feel better in the body I’m in. Having a Qardio scale has really helped that, since it not only measures weight, but BMI and body fat percentage as well. It’s been fun to do research on what I’d like my numbers to be, what is realistic, and how to get there. Plus, who doesn’t love graphs of data? 😉

I’m scared of my upcoming half marathon. While this doesn’t sound like a good thing, it actually is starting to show signs of a positive thought. While being scared is…well, scary, it’s starting to turn into nerves and determination. I’m a little under two weeks out from one of the hardest (hilliest) races I’ve ever run (thankfully I know what to expect) and I’ve had a tough training season, but I know that this means that crossing the finish line is going to be that much better. Whether I’m just thankful to be done and work on healing my body or I’ve beaten my expectations, I’m going to be proud and feel so good.

So here’s to being positive and surviving the holiday season!




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