4th Annual Vet Day 5K and Mutt Strut

Saturday, November 11, 2017
9:00am, 25°F, Veterans Memorial Park

We saw November coming after last month got a little surprising, so we looked at the race calendar and had about 3 options that worked with our upcoming holiday schedules. All three of the races were a little far from us, so that didn’t help narrow things down, but the causes definitely did. We landed on veterans and puppies because…well, do you know us? We didn’t know much about the race other than the cause and were happy to take part in it.

The week leading up the race was fairly warm, hanging around the mid-40s by late morning. But, of course, there’s a but…the day before the race was cold. We woke up to 19 degrees the morning of the race and it rose to a balmy 25 right as we started running. Way to throw us into winter running, Mother Nature!  

The course itself was one of our favorites. It went from rocky trails to roads to grass to dirt and back again – the terrain kept us on our toes. While the cold felt miserable at the start, the sound of footsteps crunching the rocks was encouraging. Maybe it was the veterans all around us, but it kind of felt like running a drill as part of a group.

Toward the end of the run, we went through the woods and there were a couple of cheering squads that really did their job. The first of the two whispered (maybe a little bit of growling in there) to K that she should “BEAT HIM” and the second yelled, “Don’t let him beat you!” (They got their wish – K pulled ahead at the end :D). Both of the encouraging groups were boys with a heavy dose of girl power! Their parents did a good job instilling female empowerment at a young age. 😉

We finished the race happy and looking forward to participating again next year.

…then we had bagels. Yisssss.


Check out the Bra Dash we ran last year and our race recap from 2015!


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