Youtube Exercises to Save You From Sloth

Listen. Linda. Sometimes I don’t want to run, OK?

But then I think, what is wrong with me. I ate a cupcake (more realistically, a cookie) (or two…or three) today and I need to get the blood flowing if only to quash my guilt. The best way to do that if I’m already committed to my laziness? Pull up Youtube and break out my yoga mat. (Bonus: the cats work out with me this way.)

  1. Blogilates Victoria’s Secret Angel Arms. Cassey Ho is amazing. Her energy is kind of overwhelming, but I did this workout pretty regularly before my wedding and I must say, it works. It’s also a challenge no matter how strong you think you are because it focuses on endurance and repetition.
    1. It’s worth checking out more Blogilates if you’re interested. She puts out a workout calendar a month that is very challenging. I did the PIIT28 workout in the spring of this year, which definitely gave me results.
  2. 8 Minute Abs. OK, you’ve probably heard of this or done it in your dorm room with some friends goofing off, but this workout puts a pinch in your core pretty quickly. Plus, those outfits? YASSSS.
    1. Most of these workouts have some value. I’ve done the legs workout as well, which felt like a nice light challenge when I was working to come back after injury, and the stretching video is helpful if you struggle with the discipline needed to stretch well.
  3. 5 Minute Butt & Thigh Workout. When I look for video workouts, I look for quick ones that seem doable but challenging enough to promote change. This fits the bill FOR SURE.
    1. If you’re looking for a burn, check out Fitness Blender. I’ve done a variety of their workouts, especially the butt and thigh ones which sometimes tend to focus more on plyometrics than movements like pilates or floor work.

What do you do when it’s a struggle to get out of the house but you still want to get your workout in?




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