My 3 Stretch Goals as a Runner

Okay, let’s set aside personal goals about body, or even distance/pace PRs. This post here is about earning HARDWARE. Here are three events I would love to try and tackle in my life.

  • Marathon

While some of you have accomplished this feat already, it’s still a ways away for me. We just knocked out the Cleveland Marathon’s 40th anniversary this year, so maybe I’ll be ready by the 50th. 😉

Oh man this one looks like a challenge but super fun. The Spartan Race has three distances: the Sprint (3-5 miles), the Super (8-10 miles), and the Beast (12-14 miles). Along the way you get bruised and cut up doing obstacles and burpees. I think I could handle the Sprint, but man I would love to get the Trifecta, which is the medal earned by running all three.

Nothing as novel as the Spartan Race here, but as I know absolutely nothing about swimming athletically, I’d have a hard time gearing up for this one. An Ironman Triathlon is swimming, followed by biking, followed by running. There are a number of different distances, and I think at best I could only ever hope to accomplish a Half Ironman, where the running portion is a half marathon. The Full, however, is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, followed by an entire marathon, 26.2 miles. Well, a guy can dream…



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