Compression Sleeves to the Rescue

We mentioned in our race recap last week that I’ve been struggling with shin splints. Now, you probably know what shin splints feel like, but I feel like there are definitely different levels of splints you can get and I HAD NO IDEA HOW TRULY BAD THEY COULD GET.

I think mine came from overuse while training on top of wearing some not-so-great shoes during my new walk to work. (Small tangent, but it’s relevant, I promise: I refuse to pay outrageously for parking, especially when I’m parking in order to go to work and make money not spend it. So, I started a new job downtown and decided to park in a familiar area and where I know I can save more than a buck. The difference is that my new place of work is even further from the lot than my last, so I’m walking around 2 miles a day, round trip, just for work. This is a bit of a change for my legs and I quickly realized what a difference shoes can make when you’re walking that much.) Anyways, I abused my legs a little too much and felt the shin splints coming on, but thought, “Hey, it’ll work itself out if I take a few days off from running.” Little did I know, that wouldn’t even be a choice because I’d barely be able to walk in a day or two.

I recall feeling like I could barely move around Wednesday of that week. Like I mentioned before, it takes a lot of walking to get to and from work, but I also spend most of my day moving about the space too. It goes without saying that I was faced with a painful struggle and needed a fix ASAP. Thursday, I laid on the couch feeling sorry for myself after work and then decided I needed to do something instead of falling off the wagon and losing training over this. I hopped in the car and zipped up to Lee Road to request help from the fine folks at Cleveland Running Company. I walked in, miserable and stumbling over words as I tried to explain how bad my legs hurt and was quickly measured and pointed to some compression sleeves.

There aren’t even words for the relief these compression sleeves gave me. They are difficult to put on and take off, but so worth the awkward and I’m sure hilarious ordeal. I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now. Sometimes all day, sometimes just running, sometimes just during my work hours, but they always help. I feel so grateful for the advice I received from the Cleveland Running Company, though they probably felt like it was all in a day’s work–everyone gets shin splints! Admittedly, I can be dramatic, but it was SERIOUS.

So, the moral is don’t be afraid to ask for help. And use compression sleeves, they’re magical.



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