16th Annual Halloween Run for Justice

Saturday, October 28, 2017
9:00am, ~38 and rainy, Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica

This race snuck up on us. Suddenly October was almost halfway over and we needed to choose a race to squeeze in so we didn’t break our streak (4 years is coming up!). We settled on the Run for Justice because of the location (though the cause is great too!); how could we pass up the change of scenery?!

The morning was surprisingly dreary. We had been experiencing some crazy warm weather for most of the month, but the last weekend of October brought winter-like temperatures and precipitation (we even noted that the weather was reminiscent of the Cleveland Half Marathon in 2016).

Though we were both hoping for the cold weather, the sudden chill made us a bit nervous. And of course, we can’t forget to mention how not ready we were for this. K has been training for a half marathon and struggling quite a bit this time around, but the 5 miles seemed like a good idea, fitting in with the schedule. What didn’t fit in was the worst bout of shin splints she’s ever experienced. And R, of course, had just returned from a long trip with little to no running. He was eager for the challenge of 5 miles at signup time, but as the race approached, it seemed ever more daunting.

But, as usual, as soon as we got running all of our complaints went out the window. The weather actually wasn’t that bad for running as long as you kept moving (it’s the walking and standing around that weren’t fun). In the end, it was a great race, and we were both happy we picked the longer course. We’ll probably aim to run this one again in the future!

Now to the most intense part of our day: the stray pupper we tried to save. We spotted the little guy scooting about in the drizzle on the Columbus Road bridge while waiting for the train to pass by so we could get a move on to our brunch feasting. We spent about 20 minutes using our most soothing voices and dog charms to get him to hop into the car, but it just wasn’t working. He was too spooked and didn’t trust us no matter what we did. We even hopped out of the car for a bit to see if that would put him at ease, but he wasn’t having it. After a couple voicemails to the APL and animal control, we ended up going to the APL in person to file a report about our new buddy. Sadly we won’t know for sure, but here’s hoping he’s safe and warm somewhere by now!

To calm our nerves, we went to the Rowley Inn for some sustenance and a couple of bloody marys to get our Halloween celebrations started. The Rowley was amazing. We didn’t quite know what to expect aside from Cleveland’s Best Grilled Cheese, but it was a real treat all around.


-K & R

Earlier this month, K was battling the hills of the Lake View Cemetery.
We ran the Scarecrow Scurry last year!
And in 2015 we were running the Great Pumpkin Fun Run!


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