Halloween Hunting

I’ve written before about how much I love looking for Halloween decorations (like most people hunt for Christmas lights and displays) and this year was no exception. I went on a few long runs with this purpose and was not disappointed. While we don’t really get trick-or-treaters and our street isn’t the most festive, there are certainly some folks that get into the spirit in the surrounding area.

My first hunt included this wooly bear and haunted looking house. In reality, the house probably just needs to be pressure washed, but with the overcast skies and the dingy look of the house made me think “OH COOL GHOSTS.”


Then I met these lovely ladies right out by the street on Fairmount. They were super polite.


This is perhaps one of my favorite displays, with all sorts of goons fenced in the front yard, committing gruesome acts.

This one jumped out at me because of the hands reaching out of the front yard–I just love it!

Do you decorate for Halloween or have some favorite displays in your neighborhood?



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