Lake View Cemetery Run Through History Race to Die For 5K

Sunday, October 15, 2017
9:00am, ~50°F, Lake View Cemetery

For the first time in a LONG time, I ran a 5K by myself over the weekend. R was out of town for a whole month and I had already set my sights on running the Lake View Cemetery 5K, so I ran on my own. We’re used to running longer races (the Hermes 10 miler in April and fall half marathons for me) on our own, so this was a bit of a change.

I’ve run this race 3 times before (twice with R) and I’ve spent a lot of time running and exploring the cemetery so I knew that the hills would be a huge part of the run mentally and physically. Last year was the only year I’ve missed in the past 5, so I was surprised by the rebranding efforts and new parking situation! The move from August to October was a pleasant change, since August is always SO hot and combined with those hills, the race becomes quite the struggle. And parking in the field was nice, though the signage (if there was any) wasn’t great (because I didn’t see anything that said “PARKING” to guide me) and I got redirected by someone in a little maintenance golf cart that spent a couple of minutes during our conversation laughing at me and my confusion.

But aside from the laugher, this race was wonderful as usual! I love the challenge of the cemetery combined with the scenery. It’s almost like the scenery dulls the pain of what you’re doing to your legs, knees, and lungs…almost.

I had one goal heading into this–to not stop. I didn’t want to hit a certain overall time or maintain a particular pace, I just wanted to endure. Fortunately, I can say I met my goal! I tried my best to pace myself during the flatter areas and reserve energy for the hills. Passing people walking is a good feeling at their expense, I know, but it really did give me a boost of confidence to be able to make it up the hills without stopping.

Because I met my goal of not stopping, this race went really well. After each hill, I felt really accomplished and was able to fight off the “I can’t do this” thoughts for a little longer, propelling me to the finish where I passed two girls right before we crossed.

On top of it being a great personal experience that I won’t be forgetting soon, the weather was perfect. We had great fall temperatures (before the sun started to heat everything up and then the rain hit) and the foliage surrounding the field where the runners were parked was just gorgeous. I even spent a few minutes eating my post-race banana and doing some reading facing the trees and pretty blue sky.


I can’t say enough good things about this race and recommend it to anyone looking for a 5K that’s a little out of the ordinary.


PS This race is a perfect example of the fact that as I’ve grown in my running methods and habits, I’ve learned a lot about pacing and realizing what I’m capable of. Keep an eye out for my post on my thoughts related to this!

Here’s our recap from 2015!


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