Finally Boxing

I’ve been talking about giving a boxing class a try for years, not only for the exercise, but also for the empowering aspect of it. Every time it came up, though, I would chicken out and find a way to not go, whether it was scheduling conflicts or the price of the class. Last Friday, a friend asked if I’d like to join her at Title Boxing; the first class at Title is free to try out. How could I say no?!

I went into this nervous and anxious, but excited to be leaving my comfort zone. The staff and instructor, Santell, were amazing–I immediately felt comfortable and like I could ask questions without being judged or laughed at. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that’s one of my biggest worries when doing something new. Santell really made the class approachable and never made me feel uncomfortable with what I was doing–even if I was a little off or falling behind.

Once I was comfortable with myself, I got into the groove of the workout and loved it! It was super challenging, but I also felt like running had conditioned me for some of the cardio intervals we were doing, which was nice because I certainly wasn’t conditioned for much else. Workouts I’ve done in the past like the Jillian Michaels’ Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (a lot of boxing and kickboxing moves) and Pop Pilates/PIIT28 (a lot of planks, mountain climbers, and burpees) also made me familiar with some of the exercises and form that I needed to draw upon for an effective workout. But no matter what, when you finally get to wrap your hands and pull on some of those gloves, everything changes! The workout intensifies and becomes something so much more real!

If you’re thinking at all about trying boxing or have even the tiniest bit of curiosity, Title is a great place to check out. Since the first class is free, it’s risk free. All you have to do is muster up the motivation to do it.

The gym is right across the street from Cleveland Tea Revival, Beet Jar, and Rising Star, so I can see this being a perfect once- or twice-a-week habit. A great workout followed by a delicious beverage? Yes, please!


The only issue I can find in all of this is the cost. Classes at Title can get a little pricey for my taste (though I’ve been known to be a little more frugal than most), especially on top of my monthly gym fee and the cost of running at least one race a month. Maybe one day I’ll be comfortable enough to sign up and pay for regular classes–and when that day comes, you’ll hear all about it!



2 thoughts on “Finally Boxing”

    1. Awesome post! I loved boxing so much, I think I’d really like kickboxing—I’ll have to look for a class near me and give it a shot! Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to go back to Title and check out some other instructors and levels of classes there, too. I’d definitely recommend going to one if you’re thinking about it!

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