Walking Around the Neighborhood in September

With a big life change that recently adjusted my schedule, I’ve had some extra time during the day. So, I’ve extended my workouts to include some walking.

I’ve always had trouble with walks because they are so leisurely and I have an uncontrollable need to be moving at a higher pace than necessary (this is the same reason I struggle with yoga). It’s been a challenge to force myself to slow down. Literally. But I have and it’s been so nice! I’ve gotten to do more of one of my favorite things: admire houses in the neighborhood. When E and I were house shopping, I couldn’t stop looking at houses and pointing out what I liked about some and disliked about others. Three years later, here I am: still admiring houses and still discovering new ones within a 2 mile radius of ours. It’s crazy what you miss if you don’t slow down.


Little hobbit door!
Some of my favorite new construction. So mod!
Is this from a fairy tale?!
I know it’s not a house, but I couldn’t help it. This high school is gorgeous! 

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