5th Annual Labor of Love Run 4 Our Lady of The Wayside

Sunday, September 17, 2017
8:30am, 68°F, Rocky River High School

This was our second year running this race. It’s a nice change from the usual 5K — you don’t often see 4 mile races and the start is on a high school track. Not to mention, the cause is a great one and the energy is always very positive.

We lined up, ready to run, but started by telling each other that we anticipated a bit of a struggle. We both haven’t been running as much as we’d like for varying reasons, so 4 miles seemed like somewhat of an intimidating challenge.

Luckily, we don’t have any extremes to report. This is a good race! And we had a good race! Our times were good, despite expecting something a little slower and more difficult (we both placed 6th in our age groups!) and the weather was great, despite it being a little warm for our taste.

Just like last year, the goodies at the end of the race were amazing: you can’t beat Nooma and some DQ!



Check out our recap of last year’s race! 

This time in 2015, K was running the Shaker Heights Hike and Run 10K and R was tackling a half marathon!


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