Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

A couple of months ago, I decided to take the plunge and purchase some new headphones. My old ones were starting to show some wear and R had been flaunting his wireless earbuds for long enough.

I’ve been loyal to Skullcandy headphones for a while now, particularly for running, so I knew that the only way I was going to convert to wireless was if that brand had a good option for me. The Skullcandy Method Sport Earbud has long been my favorite; they’re comfortable, very light, and they just work, so I was hesitant to change things up.

After some research, I purchased the Skullcandy Method Wireless (Women’s) Headphones. They’re the same design, just wireless, so I figured I’d be happy. I must say I wasn’t wrong. I really like these babies! I went with the “women’s” because from what I could tell, they were a bit smaller, though I have a huge problem with “men’s” and “women’s” labeling–why can’t they just note the sizing in different item listings? And why couldn’t the “women’s” have come in black and grey? Aside from the color, naming, and sizing complaints (which are all beside the point: I needed earbuds that worked for me), I really only have one other: the neck band. I think a simple cord would be better suited for me just because I find myself tugging at the neck band to get it spun around to where it won’t bounce off of my collarbones or slip and slide around. That said, I can find the controls quickly and easily because I’m always aware of where the edge of the band is.

After a couple of months now, I’ve adjusted to needing to plug in another aspect of my life. I’ve run out of charge in these headphones a few times and it’s definitely no fun, so I still have a spare set of earbuds with me most of the time just in case. But, I think that can be solved if I just get with the times and pay more attention.

Overall, I’d recommend Skullcandy Method Earbuds. I can’t as enthusiastically endorse the wireless ones (it usually takes me awhile to adjust to new technology, as anyone who knows me will agree), but the Method earbuds will continue to be my favorites and if you’re interested in wireless, those aren’t bad either!  



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