A Gruesome Toenail Update

You may remember my last toenail post and my promise to keep you updated on the status of my big toenail that had turned black. If you don’t remember, go read it. It’s good and gross. And if you do remember it, read on because the toenail saga continues.

From early July until late August, things progressed pretty quickly on my big toenail. Here’s my photo story of all of the gruesome details that you came here for. And you get bonus shots of how my little toenail is growing back (lumpy and discolored, woohoo!).

  1. You may recall this is where we left off. My little toenail fell off and my big one was left hanging…well not literally. Yet. File_001 (4)
  2. Things started looking a little wonky around the beginning of July, with the dead toenail being pushed forward. It definitely had 2 layers of toenail growing out, as well as damaged tissue and a pretty sizeable lump.File_000 (4)
  3. Here you can see that the dead toenail got a little cleaned up after a weekend of camping and romping in a pool. The toenail also got a lot loosened. File_003
  4. Now the fun starts. It was 100% like when you’re little and have a loose tooth that you just can’t leave alone.

  5.  One night, it was so close to coming off, I had to tape the toenail down to keep it from getting caught on the sheets and yanked off.

    File_000 (6)

  6. And here we are again at SWEET RELIEF. Thanks to Jenn, who gave me a nice spa day foot soak too fancy for this gnarly foot.

Happy running!



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