Nike Summer Race Series 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
76°F, 6:30pm, Edgewater Park

We did it again. Our social lives took over August and we could only manage to do a Wednesday evening race…which is actually awesome because it switches things up a bit and the timing of the Nike Summer Series offerings couldn’t be better!

But we also managed to miss posting our race recap in a timely fashion again.

There were some differences this year, though. One being the temperature. Yes, it was pretty hot again (and K’s face turned tomato-red), but we actually got a bit of a breeze this year that helped things along. We even noted how we always complain about that breeze coming off of the lake during our winter runs, but it was welcome this time around!

We were also more prepared for running through the grassy area of the park, though that didn’t make it any easier. With treacherous ankle-twisting holes and the sun beating directly down on us, it was a strange start. But, once we got going, things went well…until K’s shoe came untied and she fell behind. If you read any of our other race recaps, you may know that R runs VERY fast out of the gate, too, so it was hard getting back in sync with each other. We had a fun mini race at the close of mile two, before closed the gap and pulled ahead.


The end of this race feels like a cookout, with bags of chips and grilled burgers and hot dogs for the runners. As tempting as they were, we decided to instead grab a bite at Local West in Gordon Square. We headed out there with one of our faithful handlers, J. If you’re even a little bit curious about Local West, we suggest you give it a shot. There were plenty of healthy options for a good post-run meal (we of course had a beer with ours, but those are great post-run options too 😉 ).


Overall, it was a great race day despite being a little unusual and out of our comfort zone. And if our busy August tradition continues, we’re sure we’ll be back next year!

-K & R

Check out our busy August in 2015 and our recap from last August!


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