11th Annual Wigs for Kids 5K Day at the Zoo

Saturday, July 22, 2017
74°F, 8:30am, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

We’ve run at the zoo before, so we knew what to expect at the 11th Annual Wigs for Kids 5K Day at the Zoo. That didn’t make the anticipation of the big hill any better, especially with the struggle of the heat this summer. Luckily, it was a VERY rainy morning, with the rain only picking up as we ran and becoming torrential right after we finished. This helped keep the sweat at bay and the temperature refreshing instead of heavy and uncomfortable.

K felt a little struggle at the beginning of the race, but hit her stride and managed to get through it without any complaints (other than having gotten her underarms sugared a couple of days beforehand and developing a heat rash which was not the most comfortable thing to run with).

R felt his usual amount of trepidation at facing these zoo hills again, especially in this summer heat. But both of us ended up steadily eating away at the hills at a good pace, and finished pretty happy with our times.

We finished at the same time, making for a fun little competition to cross the finish line. The official results were the only way we could find out who won…but in the end, we both did because we placed in our age groups!

While the animals always make zoo courses memorable (shoutout to the wallabies in the first stretch), the Wigs for Kids event actually ended up being pretty fun as well.


The emcee made up for any lack of energy the runners had after finishing the race, with lots of excited commentary and quick little interviews with the people that stuck around.


Among the many things that were going on on the stage during awards, here are a few highlights:

  • High school students doing snippets of musical theater. They were pretty good!
  • Several people donating hair live on stage. Emotional!
  • A couple little girls that we’d seen around the race, met up on stage. One was a donor, the other a recipient! MORE EMOTIONS.

  • It started pouring rain. We hid our award certificates in K’s shirt to keep them safe.

Overall, a really fun run and fun event. This was K’s second time at a Wigs for Kids event, and R’s first time. We’ll definitely try to be back to this one, and maybe even run as a fundraising team next time!


Check out what we were up to last July!


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