Pre-Run Foods!

I’m not an expert in fitness or nutrition, but here are some of my favorite foods to eat before running. These have proven to NOT cause gastric distress for me.* Some of these are good choices if you’re squeezing in a run after lunch, while others are fantastic pre-race fuel!


  1. Banana! My go-to no-fail pre-race “meal” is a banana with some sort of nut butter. I even got a tattoo dedicated to my love for bananas before running.
  2. Sushi. I know, it sounds weird. Like I said, I’m no expert, but maybe it’s because of the carbs and protein? This is a nice lunch option if I know I need to run between lunch and dinner.
  3. Gu. I only recently started using Gu before I run (in addition to the usual mid-long run Gu) and it’s amazing! It’s a nice quick shot of fuel if I’m on a tight schedule (ahem…hit snooze one too many times) and need to get out the door.

*Everyone is different, so don’t take this as a guarantee that these foods won’t send you running for a mid-run bathroom break.

Do you have any favorite pre-run foods? Anything “weird” or surprising?



2 thoughts on “Pre-Run Foods!”

  1. I drink bone broth before runs often–it’s kind of amazing but people tend to think I am pretty weird :). The saltiness is great, especially when I lose so many electrolytes in the heat, plus it’s hydrating and has several grams of protein so it actually satiates me as well.


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