Excuse Me

We all have good reasons to skip runs sometimes. But we also all have really bad ones. Or at least, we have those excuses that we lean on too much, that become our easy outs as soon as we’re feeling a little mopey about getting out there. Here are my top three reasons that I definitely lean on too much, so if you catch me saying any of them, feel free to give me the side-eye.

  1. I don’t have the time

This is the mother of all excuses for me. I might even be saying it to myself as I sit here writing this. And truly, sometimes I feel swamped, and a run feels like a waste of time. But I remember other things that I prioritize, like time with my friends or for working on the house. Important things for sure, but I could certainly take twenty minutes from them and crank out a couple miles.

  1. The weather’s not great

Okay, I just hashed this one out for you all. Definitely stay safe, whether it’s excruciatingly hot or bone-chillingly cold. But listen, treadmills exist for a reason. We don’t love them. Maybe we even hate them. But by god, they’ll always be there for you.

  1. I shouldn’t tire myself out before my long run/race tomorrow

Big fat 😒 on this one. To be fair, I don’t use this one that often, but when I do, even I know it’s the weakest excuse in the books. Come on, like a little 2 or 3 miler is really going to completely wear me out?

So there are my examples of poor logic in an effort to stay lazy. Now the question is, what’s your excuse??



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