Just Shoe Thoughts

Back in 2012, I was working at a company in Minneapolis, and was a member of the company gym. One day the gym was bringing in reps from a shoe company (was it Brooks? I don’t remember.) to assess people’s running shoe needs and recommend some products. I hadn’t been running very seriously at that point, but I ran a fair amount (or so I thought), so I brought in my current running shoes and went down to get an assessment. The rep took one look at my shoes, and looked back at me apologetically and said, “You’ve actually still got most of the tread on these shoes. You probably don’t need new ones yet.”

Eep. Guess I wasn’t running as much as I’d thought. Here was a guy whose job was to sell me shoes, and he was telling me to hold off and just keep using the pair I had. What a wake up call, huh?

Fast forward to today, not only am I running more, but I also have a bit more information about when to upgrade my shoes. I had a policy of upgrading at least once a year, based on the miles I normally put in. And then I discovered RunKeeper’s handy shoe tracking feature. Once a year actually wasn’t too far off from what they recommend, but even so I’m just following their recommendation of about 350 miles per pair. Having crossed over that threshold just a few weeks ago, I recently got a pair of ASICS Gel Fortitude 7, in the discontinued Blue/Silver/Orange color combo. They’re a slick looking pair of shoes, and well-reviewed in the space of supportive shoes for overpronators. When my new pair arrived, I thought back to the experience of that assessment from years ago. Would I have done better this time? Would that rep have recommended a new pair for me? Take a look at my tread, and tell me what you think.



To me, the outer edges look pretty well worn, especially toward the toe. Maybe I earned these new shoes this time.



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