Summer Running Temperature Scale

After months of slogging through cold, snowy, winter runs, we all long for the bright beautiful summer days. In our minds, we wake up fresh to the sound of birds singing, strap on our kicks, and bounce merrily out of the house into the fresh summer breeze.

Until… reality sets in, and our dreams of pleasant runs evaporate as quickly as the sweat dripping onto the pavement. Here’s a handy guide for gauging just how miserable your summer run will be – adjust accordingly for your locale.

<60° – Yikes, is it summer still? At a temperature just out of the 50s, you might actually get a bit chilly before you get in gear. Maybe grab that light sweatshirt before heading out?

65° – Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. The ultimate climate for a pleasant run. You can walk outside comfortably before you get started, and still not get overheated after you’ve warmed up. Feels like a breezy drive along the coast.

75° – Hmm… Perfect weather for a post-run brunch, but maybe a little toasty for a hard run. Maybe a good day for a long, slow distance workout. Stay hydrated and breathe, try not to get overheated.

80° – Well, no shying away from it now: it’s HOT out. Be very mindful of how you’re feeling on your run, and take breaks to walk if you’re feeling too hot. Ditch the shirt if you’re the outgoing type.

85°… 90°… 95°??!?? – Just skip it. At least, skip running outdoors, or even going outdoors at all. Coming full circle to those chilling winter months, take solace in the air conditioned gym, where your old friend the treadmill has been waiting to see you again.



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