The Worst Sweat

Summer is suddenly upon us here in Cleveland. We had a week of marvelous fall-like temperatures, but now we’re lingering in the 80s and pushing 90 degrees. Needless to say, this makes running a sweaty mess.

Me, a heavy sweater.

I’m a heavy sweater, so I’m used to having wet pits, back, and face daily, but when I run, my whole body just drips a constant stream of sweat. OK, I’m getting gross. Here’s the deal: sweating isn’t the most comfortable in general, but here are some sweat issues I feel like calling out today.

  1. Inner thighs. I’ve gotten body shamed by people claiming I’m too thin to understand inner thigh sweat and chafing. Are you kidding me, girl?! This is THE WORST. I have photos of inner thigh chafing to prove I’m not immune to this issue, but I’ll spare you.

    File_000 (1)
    Hello, butt sweat…and inner thigh rubbing ahhhh
  2. Underboob. This is just another reason sports bras are a struggle. Even for us small-breasted ladies, it’s hard to find something tight enough around the ribs that will catch the sweat, provide support, and NOT cut off air. I often finish runs with so much bra sweat, I could wring it out into a puddle.

    File_000 (2)
    Look at all of that sweat. EVERYWHERE.
  3. Under the eyebrows. Um…when the sweat is coming out under your brows, it has a straight path to your eyes. Not cool.

    File_000 (3)
    My whole face. Dripping. Awesome. 
  4. FEET. My feet are always SO SMELLY and this isn’t even a summer issue. They sweat year-round in any shoes (including sandals…I know, it doesn’t make sense).


Let us know about your sweat complaints! We love gross stories!



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