Relaxing Runs

After the Cleveland Marathon this year, I told myself I wouldn’t take any real time off from running. Not because I don’t think taking time off after a race is useful, but because I had worked really hard in the prior weeks to build strength and I would be going on vacation (which is when I actually run more and stay consistent anyways)!

So, I did it! I continued to run through my trip and I had a great time doing so. I also worked on training myself to go on more relaxing runs. It’s so nice to let go and just run. No pressure to go a certain distance or maintain a particular pace. Just sightseeing and enjoying myself!

The Hermes 10 Miler shirts are always my favorite!

I didn’t take a whole lot of photos because I was distracted. That’s my only excuse. Oh well! Here are some pretty sights!

There was a lizard acting like he was royalty on this rock.
No shortage of hills!

More on relaxing runs at home soon!



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