Least Favorite Gu Flavors

I like Gu. It helps when you’re running long distances and if you don’t have issues with the texture, it tastes pretty good too!

…but sometimes flavors are MISTAKES. Here are the flavors I’ll run out of my way to avoid. Literally. I’ve done that during races. Don’t even think about handing me a vanilla Gu during a half marathon.

  1. Vanilla Bean. I’ll bet you didn’t see that coming. It’s just so sweet and sticky and icky.GU-Energy-Gel-Single---Vanilla-Bean_large
  2. Chocolate Outrage. Same deal. I just don’t like that gloppy sweetness.
  3. Espresso Love. I want my espresso in liquid form and bitter, thank you. (Note from R: “I love this one. Don’t hate.”)gu_energy_labs_gu_123050_gu_energy_gel_24_pack_1174367
  4. Salted Caramel. OMG can we just stop with these ultra sweet flavors?!

OK, I’m done. I guess I just wanted to say I like the fruity flavors best. Do you have any favorites? Non-favorites? 



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