Back At It!


Hey all, I’m back!

You may have noticed (or not noticed), I’ve been kind of absent from the blog lately. I had a spell of crazy work busy-ness, and as you know, I kind of let the rest of my life fall to pieces when things get like that.

I know that’s not something I’ll conquer entirely all in one go. But the best I can do is keep my momentum up when I’m feeling motivated, and then get back on top of things as quickly as possible after I’m not.

But enough about blogging, let’s talk about running!

This morning I went on my first run since the half. It’s been a bit over a week, so that was plenty of time to rest. And as usual after the half, I try and refocus my goals for speed and pacing rather than distance. I went two miles, focusing not on cadence but on stride length. I’ll do a more in-depth post-half analysis later, but my goal for this run was to kick my legs back to near butt-kick level. It definitely felt like I was engaging different muscles than I typically do, and the plan is to keep increasing the distance I can run like that.

I was telling K before the half that I didn’t want this race to feel like an “end goal”. I wanted it to be just another step on the way to increasing my health and fitness overall. So after a brief respite, I’m happy to be back on the grind.



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