My PIIT28 Experience

2017 has been a little strange for me as far as my workouts go. I’ve struggled to get back into weight lifting and stay consistent with a fitness routine, so I decided to kick my butt into gear with PIIT28. After a lot of research and thought, I purchased PIIT28 1.0 and started the program after my annual 10 mile race in April. I knew that trying a new (and likely difficult) workout during half marathon training was kind of crazy and risky, so I tried to keep my head on straight during the 4 weeks leading up to the Cleveland half marathon and my last PIIT20 1.0 workout. Here are some thoughts and feelings from the journey.

Week 1

Within the first week, I was feeling soreness and it was so good. I could really identify where the soreness was coming from, too. Surprise: it was likely the stretching before and after the workout. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts were hard, but I’ve NEVER been a good stretcher and I’m incredibly inflexible, so the stretches were killing my legs and hips. In the best way possible, of course. The booty soreness is REAL.

Day 10

I woke up feeling fatigued on day 10 and not ready to do my workout. I only made it halfway through yesterday’s and I was feeling a little dejected, but I was also trying to stay realistic. I told myself from the beginning that since I was also training for a half marathon, I needed to be realistic and easy on myself. If I can’t manage my run and PIIT, then so be it. This is all to say that despite my half workout yesterday, I pulled myself out of bed and completed my PIIT for the day feeling slimmer and fairly strong!

Week 3

I got through week 3 with some adjustments since my half marathon training was wrapping up and I had a lot of responsibilities for my friend’s wedding. Laurel was getting married the day before the half marathon, so to say that that Friday and Saturday were busy days is an understatement. With those adjustments, I knew that I was losing momentum, but like I said before, I needed to make sure I was realistic during my half training.

Week 4

If you didn’t see this coming, here’s a shocker: I missed the last week of workouts. With wedding festivities getting underway, the half marathon inching closer, and a vacation coming quickly, I spent week 4 preparing for all of those things and recovering from them. I feel a tiny bit of disappointment, naturally, but I really prepared myself for this mentally.

Overall, I loved this program and plan on trying to get through round 1 completely in the near future and probably moving on to round 2 afterwards. I really think this helped my training when I couldn’t squeeze in runs and possibly even made me a little stronger for the half. My half time wasn’t a PR and wasn’t near the time that I’m used to getting during 13.1-milers, but I credit that to missing my last two long runs and running the race the morning after a wedding (3 glasses of wine, maybe 4 solid hours of sleep…I’m just thankful the weather was great and I survived). I credit PIIT for helping me maintain and gain some stamina that probably got me the time I ended up with.

If you’re interested in checking out the PIIT workout, head here.

Let me know if you’ve done PIIT or plan to!



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