5 Lifestyle Apps

If you know me, you know that I hesitate to accept technology. Sometimes I just think it’s unnecessary! That said, I do use some apps to keep track of my health and fitness (I love collecting data and especially lists). Here are some that I use regularly!

  1. Runkeeper. I mean…duh.
  2. Withings. I love my Withings watch and the app is great for keeping track of steps as well as other health data.
  3. Blogilates. I recently started Cassey Ho’s PIIT28 workout and discovered how useful the timer is on this app.
    unnamed (1)
  4. Power Nap/Sleep Cycle. These two are great for sleeping tracking and gentle wake-ups!
  5. Glow. Period trackers are a little over-hyped, but sometimes it’s nice to check in and see what could be happening with my body. (I don’t entirely put all of my trust in this, it’s just nice to track data and see patterns.)
    unnamed (2)

Do you have any favorites?



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