Running With Manners

Manners aren’t something you think of when you think about running. When I hear “manners,” I think of remembering my “pleases” and “thank yous” or all of the table manners like “no elbows on the table” and “remember your napkin on your lap.” But, there is a such thing as running manners!

During one of my recent Sunday long runs, I had one of the best experiences and it had everything to do with good manners! It was Easter and I was running around the Cleveland Heights area when I spotted someone walking down the sidewalk. I was trying to time things so that I could get around him before we entered a narrow fenced-in area of the sidewalk or pace myself and get around him after the fence since it’s always a little awkward running around walkers.

Sometimes when I yell “on your right,” (or left–whatever works best in that moment) people get flustered and confused and move to the wrong side or don’t move at all and I end up almost plowing into them.

Not this time, folks!

The walker heard my warning, immediately moved over to the left so I could pass him and quickly yelled back to me…



I used my manners and made sure he was warned and not scared when I passed him. And, to my surprise, he was equally as polite! I did NOT expect a thank you, but it made me feel so good. It was such a simple interaction between two humans, but it was incredibly rewarding.

So, take notes, folks. Simple and pleasant interactions can be the most rewarding and running is no exception!



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