My Most Expensive Run


The Cleveland Marathon approaches, and the long runs are getting longer. This past weekend was my 9 miler, and the weather was a summery 77° at its peak. I knew it was going to be a warm run, but I didn’t really plan for it appropriately. This miscalculation cost me… dearly.

You see, despite having felt the pain of not properly hydrating before a run (on another 9 miler, even!), I figured that my typical two cups of coffee and half a bottle of water would do fine. Not so. Three miles in, all I could think about was my dry mouth. Four miles in, and I was thinking of hoping to find a puddle somewhere. The thought of stopping at a restaurant crossed my mind, but I didn’t have any money on me! And for some reason, asking for a free cup of water and nothing else is more off-putting to me than politely passing out from dehydration.

At mile 5, I came across a solution. There was a CVS Pharmacy on the corner of Mayfield and Richmond. As luck would have it, they accept payment via phone! Praise the genius inventors of the CVS app’s “ExtraCare Card+Pay” feature. And so, a paused run and $1.57 later, I was saved by a deliciously cold bottle of Dasani that I drank half of and then threw away before continuing.

Of course, as far as running expenses go, race fees, shoes, and gear certainly overshadow the buck and a half I spent on a bottle of water. But here’s to the first time that I have ever made a purchase in the middle of a run itself! Now, do I budget this under ‘Groceries’, or ‘Running’…?



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