6th Annual Irish Jig & Jog 5K

Saturday, March 25, 2017
~50°F, 10am, West Park Station

This year’s Lakewood Jig and Jog 5K started a lot like other races we’ve run. R didn’t pre-register. When K texted him late Friday night about the race, he wasn’t even prepared to run it!

Despite the anxiety of R not being prepared mentally or being registered for the race, the morning went pretty smoothly. K’s dad got to her house early and they did some chatting and hydrating before heading to pick R up.

We got to West Park Station without any issues and managed to snag a sneaky parking spot in the lot (no street parking stress!). Once we got our bibs and shirts, though, we heard that there would be a start delay. Instead of 10am, we would be taking off at 10:15am. No big deal! We sat in the warm car for a bit and headed out to get lined up when we saw that no one else was moving toward the starting line and everyone looked pretty concerned.

Pretty soon we started to put the pieces together. Our friend and Peace Racing race organizer, Dan, was talking to a Cleveland police officer, and it became clear that this probably had something to do with them. 10:15 rolled around, and Dan and the officer gathered the crowd together to make an announcement. We were told that, while we were still free to run on the sidewalks, there would be no streets blocked off for us.

We all looked at each other… took a deep breath… and collectively thought: …NO BIG DEAL! Let’s run!

Even with this slight change in plans, from what we saw, not many people walked away after the announcement. We all lined up on the sidewalk and kept our high spirits. And, it really wasn’t difficult to run on the sidewalks. Everyone was watching out for each other and keeping the path clear for anyone who wanted to pass other runners. What could have been a huge disappointment for some may have actually brought us together even more! The running community truly is a positive and supportive one, and that day, we lived up to the name “Peace” Racing!


And with that, we wrapped our 4th year of running the Lakewood Jig and Jog 5K with some beer and burgers.


Check out our recaps from 2015 and 2016!

-K & R


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