30th Annual Chili Bowl Classic 5K

Saturday, February 25, 2017
~44°F, 10am, Downtown (Galleria)

This year is a big year for the Chili Bowl. It’s the 30th year for them, but the fourth year for us. And in fact this race is always a big deal to us, because two very special things happened at this race.


The first year we ran it, it was our second race together. Since we’d already run the Garage Sale in January, we decided we had a bit of a streak going – maybe we should keep it up?? That was the beginning of what’s now been over three years of running a race together every month. It didn’t hurt that the run was also a blast. We didn’t get to write about it then, so here’s a quick summary: it was in Tremont. They had these delicious bloody marys with stuffed banana pepper garnishes. We were goofy and giggly and Ernest called us idiots 😀 Overall great day.

The second year we ran, we decided to start this blog over a couple of bloody marys. It could have been just another one of our really good pipe dreams, but it wasn’t. And now we’re the best. 😉

Here we are at our fourth Chili Bowl 5K and the race has grown just as much as we have! It’s downtown now and huge. Because of the size of the race, we dealt with a lot of bottlenecking at the beginning and had to do a lot of weaving to get to where we were comfortable. Kind of fun, but also kind of annoying and dangerous with potholes and construction at every turn.

We’ve been a little lazier than we’d like to be so far this year, but this was a really good race to kick off training season. We ran strong and had fun!

[K] Bonus: My knees didn’t hurt!

Last year, we didn’t get any delicious chili, since it was a little cooler outside and people flooded the Galleria quickly after the race. Somehow we managed to get inside and grab a delicious vegetarian chili before posting up at the Winking Lizard in the Galleria for a beer and some writing (THIS!).


Cheers to 4 (and 30) years of the Chili Bowl and many more!

Our 2016 recap.

-K and R


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