5 Most Used First Aid Kit Items

In light of my recent wipe out, I figured this topic would be particularly relevant: my most used first aid kit items.

I make jokes that I’m clumsy, and I am, but nothing remarkable. That said, when I do hurt myself on a “get the first aid kit!!” level, it’s likely because I’ve fallen while running. Here’s what I use most for running-related injuries.

  1. Tweezers. I’ve had to pick bits of sidewalk out of my knees and palms.
  2. Neosporin®. Use it for everything, just don’t soften your scabs too much.
  3. Nexcare Waterproof Bandages™. THE BEST waterproof bandages out there. They also hold up well in shoes (on blisters). Also, not ugly.
  4. Aleve®. Most first aid kits include a general ibuprofen, but I prefer Aleve (naproxin). Gets rid of knee aches like magic!
  5. Ace Elastic Bandages™. I prefer to use my well-worn elastic braces or KT Tape, but Ace Bandages do the trick in a pinch! (Too gross and floppy to photograph.)

Be careful out there!



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