City Sights: January 2017

It’s no secret, I have not been running outside at all this season. Listen, my gym is just a three minute drive away, it’s just too easy to get to! But rather than bore you all with another treadmill post this month, I’ll fill you in on the real star of my fitness endeavors so far this year: my kitchen.


Yep, it’s nothing fancy. In fact in a lot of ways, it’s probably my least favorite room of my house. The layout isn’t great, there isn’t a whole lot of counter space or natural light, and it seems cut off from the rest of the house.

But, it’s not the size/shape/looks of kitchen that counts, it’s how you use it. And boy does it feel good (for my body, and my budget), to whip up something tasty and healthy in my own home, and skip that takeout grease that’s guaranteed to make me feel sluggish.


Similarly, I’ve been spending more time at the gym, but not because I don’t want to be outside! I battled a week-long sickness recently, so I was sidelined a bit. I started going to the gym to avoid tempting health fate in the damp cold weather we’ve been having. I also don’t want to give you a boring treadmill photo, though…

So here are some photos of the winter wonderland fluffy snow I’ve been waiting for! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get out and run before the day turned that beautiful fluffy snow into slippery wet sock slush puddles.

I was so shocked and happy to see this that morning, that I giggled out loud in my backyard before the sun had even risen. 🙂




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