Hermes Garage Sale 5K

Saturday, January 21, 2017
~55°F, 10am, Edgewater Park

The Hermes Garage Sale 5K is one of our favorite races. We do it every year (for 3 years now!) and it’s a great way to start the year: it’s cheap, a fun concept, and one of the only January races out there.

This year we got to do something fun(ny) and go to our friends’, Zack and Laurel’s, apartment downtown to shower (this also happened to be their last weekend living there!) before heading to United We Brunch with our Brunch Crew friend, Lindsey.

We had our brunch plans set for some time, and when we realized the Garage Sale was on the same day, we figured it’d be the perfect way to earn our feasting afterward. And boy, did we earn it! For some reason, neither of us were really feeling race-ready that morning. This is likely because we took well-earned breaks from our strict regimens after our running streak ended at the close of 2016.  

In addition, the usually all-too-familiar Edgewater course was totally different! Construction of the new beach house is underway, and so the race began in upper Edgewater. Unfortunately for us, we parked in lower Edgewater, and had to make the jog up the hill in order to start on time. Rather than run back down and up again before the kickoff, we decided to simply run with our new race shirts in hand. R was used to this, having spent many years running while holding a ginormous phone. K decided not to abide this, and took a quick detour toward the picnic benches, and dropped hers off along the way. To our delight, when we passed by the tables again on the second half of the course, dozens of other runners had followed her lead and dotted the tables with shirts! #trendsetter

The Garage Sale doesn’t give out awards or anything, so we didn’t really think about our pace (not that we could have done anything crazy, with our rusty gears), but we did manage to have a really good race. And we can’t even begin to talk about how perfect the weather was that day. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering outside and having a nice “spring” day in January in Cleveland…no complaints!  

one of the final photos in Z and L’s apartment
we escaped the crowds at United We Brunch for a bit

We also ran this last year. Duh. 😉

-K and R


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