We Can Cook Too?!

Hi friends! Get ready for something a little different! Today I’m sharing some of my cooking endeavors to break the ice on a new topic on our blog: food. Expect some more food-related posts from us in the future and get ready to drool! After all, you can’t run without fuel. 🙂


Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew) is one of my favorite meals to make and eat because it’s packed with veggies and doesn’t feel heavy or overly seasoned.


If you know me, you know artichokes are one of my absolute favorite foods. Once I learned how to cook them on my own, everything changed.


I know avocado toast (no link here, because…duh) is “so last year”, but it’s just one of those things that’s so dang good, you can’t ignore it.


Waffles aren’t the healthiest and I know I could be making protein pancakes or something instead, but occasionally these dense cornmeal waffles really hit the spot. R and I recently ate them (sans blueberries) after our final run of 2016 (and our 75+ day streak)!

Right now, we don’t have a schedule or plan for these posts, but you can expect some runner-friendly recipes, ranging from protein-packed breakfasts to delicious cheat days, and experiments to favorite stand-bys.



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