City Sights: December

We had another fairly warm December this year! Last year, I remember running the day after Christmas during a little rain storm and looking at Christmas lights. This year, I went on a couple of outdoor runs looking for pretty lights and didn’t really see a whole lot. That said, I did see and experience something awesome in early December.

I was running down Coventry Road and saw a doe staring me down in someone’s yard (and incredibly close to the road).


I snapped some photos and was super excited to have spotted some wildlife as I continued a few more steps and then saw this…

Those ladies’ babies were hanging out catty-corner to their moms, probably waiting for them to return after lunch.

These moments I shared with these beautiful creatures were so wonderful and, honestly, emotional. This was definitely one of the best runs of 2016 for me.


My runs this month were also pretty emotional. For the most part, my emotion was “let me get this damn streak run over with so I can get back home and eat holiday treats”.

Okay, maybe not so negative as that. But what I did learn from doing this run streak we just finished is that the hardest part is usually get going out and getting started. And for me personally, a specific annoyance is getting all dressed for the chilly weather. Spandex? Gloves? Face mask? Who has the time for that!

So 90% of the time, I found myself defaulting to tossing on some shorts and sweats, and making the drive over to Anytime Fitness, to run inside on the boring old treadmill. Which leads to no exciting sights of the city over the holidays.

It did, however, have a couple of other advantages. Mainly, because I was heading to the gym so often, I couldn’t help but get in a strength workout at least a few times a week. Maybe my pace wasn’t going down, but my arms feel pretty good!

And thanks to the convenient model of Anytime Fitness (hit me or K up if you want a referral discount 😉 ), I got relatively the same gym experience regardless of whether I was in Cleveland or Dayton!


Now if we’re gonna be honest, I do prefer my good ol’ Cleveland Heights location to the Dayton one posted above, but the similar branding was actually pretty comforting!



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