Munday Runday: Forming a Habit

If you read our posts, I’m sure you know by now that R and I have challenged ourselves to do a run streak this year. We started in October and are running at least a mile a day through the end of the year. This totals to around 11 weeks of running; without looking at our exact start date, let’s assume we’re streaking for 75 days.

75 days is a long time! So, I did a little bit of reading and basically found what everyone already kind of “knows” about habits. Some sources say it takes 21 days to start a habit and others say 66. I always heard and believed the 21 days theory, but I’ve never tested it, so who am I to say it’s accurate? The conclusion I came to on my own, while not scientifically based, is something I think is a little more accurate: it all depends! It depends on the person, the activity, and the drive to actually complete the activity. Right now, with less than 2 weeks of the streak left, I feel like it’s become a normal thing for me to step outside (or head to the gym) for even a quick 9 minute jog. I find myself groaning about this activity less and less and really embracing how it’s making me feel. I feel more complete if I’m just getting this little bit of exercise in and I’ve even noticed that I’m feeling more body image positive simply because I’m doing something that makes me feel good. Could this mean I’ve made a habit of incorporating running into my life 7 days a week?!

So, 21 days or 66 days, this 1-mile-a-day thing is becoming a habit for me. That said, I’m not sure I’ll be running as much in the new year, but it has made me feel way more motivated to keep up with my fitness routine and to stay positive about it!



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