Munday Runday: Foam Roller

K talked about one of her training aids last week, so I’ll talk about one of my new ones. I bought a foam roller.

I’m increasingly confident that at least part of my issues in running fast over distances has to do with anterior pelvic tilt, and consequently, duck feet. “Duck feet” is the pointing outward of your feet, thought I don’t know why it’s called that, as this guy seems to have a fairly neutral stance.


In any case, article after article informs me that fixing my issues involves fixing my posture, by strengthening my lower abdominals and relaxing my glutes and hamstrings. And how does one relax a muscle, rather than strengthening it?

Foam rolling.


I have to admit, though I’ve read about the exercises I’m supposed to do with this thing, when it first arrived I was still a bit lost. Maybe us runners don’t have the mental capacity for mastering complex forms for various stretches (I mean, we pretty much get the ins and outs of our whole sport by age 2). I finally became more comfortable when I stopped thinking about the exact form of the people in the pictures, and focused instead on rolling and targeting the muscles in question for each exercise.

Will it work? Here’s hoping. But I’m committed to giving it a few months of dedication, as it certainly can’t hurt.



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