Lost Without My Plan

For about a week after my last half marathon, I was only running as much as I felt like running (though every day to keep my streak going). This was a nice break at the time, but then I started to feel anxious and a little lost without my training plan. I usually feel this way after a big race since the half marathons I run are around 6 months apart; I think it really settled in this time because I still had a goal (the streak) but in the light of training for 13.1 miles, a minimum of 1 mile a day seemed ineffective. I was lost…

…until I got my gym motivation back! I’ve been back at the gym for the past couple of weeks and it’s felt great! I’ve been alternating my strength training between upper body and lower body and it feels great to wake up some muscles that were sleeping during all of that running (especially my weakling arms). Even better, I still feel like I’m challenging myself in more than one way!

Obviously, lifting the weights is a challenge in itself, but I’m also practicing serious self control when I limit my cardio. I’m so accustomed to running at least 3 miles that a quick 1 mile on the treadmill feels silly. I have to seriously talk myself into stopping the belt and hitting the weights every morning. In the end it’s totally worth it and I feel especially good because I’ve been working out in the mornings.  

Bonus: I’ve been experiencing the hunger that comes with strength training! It’s so strange, but I do believe that runner hunger is different…call me crazy or just looking for excuses to drink beer and eat snacks, but it feels different to me. 🙂

Anyways, I’m hoping this run streak and the strength training keep their grip on me and I can make a habit of working different muscle groups – even when I’m training for a race – gasp!



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