Munday Runday: KT Tape

If you’ve heard anything about KT tape, you’ve probably heard that there are 2 distinct sides to the topic: believers and non-believers, if you will. I guess I would call myself a believer but only for certain uses and circumstances.

I started using KT tape when I was struck with posterior shin splints during training one year and while the tape seemed to help, what I really think helped was simply resting and giving it time. What I’m sure the tape can do, is provide stability to my legs. After taping up my feet and ankles for support, I’ve discovered my favorite way to use KT tape: knee support. I get sore knees on intense hills and super flat courses, so if I know a long run will be on terrain that isn’t somewhere in the middle, I tape both knees and fend off joint pain that would normally stop me in my tracks.

I’ve taped my knees during 2 half marathons (one known for its extremely hilly course and one known for it’s exceptionally flat course) and I credit good training in conjunction with this preventative measure for my easy recovery both times. For that reason, I’ve been able to ditch the knee brace and always keep a roll of tape on hand to support my knees. The tape is way more comfortable than a big elastic brace and I’m able to *hopefully* prevent aches and pains after long runs!



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