City Sights: November

November was a good month for running – it was our first full month of our running streak and the last month of my training for the Fall Classic Half Marathon, so I was out and about quite a bit. Unfortunately, November is when we start to lose daylight for both morning and evening runs, so things get a little dangerous, but the upside is that I get a lot of opportunities to see the sun rise and set.

I’m known to love dawn more than dusk and I can’t really explain why, but it just gives me more feelings. That said, I went on what will probably be my last downtown run until the weather breaks in the spring and caught a pretty awesome sunset and view of the city starting to light up for the night.



Woo running streak! While it really feels good to get out and going, there have unfortunately been a few too many way too many times where I didn’t really have the time / mindset for a longer training run (more on that later). But the silver lining of these uninspired outings is that I’m really getting to know my friendly neighborhood garden center, Bremec!


Bremec is just a touch over half a mile away from my house, so if i’m just trying to get my mile in, I’ll often head up till i see pretty plants, turn around, and head home.

It wasn’t until just last week though, that I actually ventured inside to buy some new plants for my home!


What a dangerous place. I kept wanting to get every kind of plant and ceramic pot they had. I thankfully made it out of there spending only $100 ish, and now my living room has some beautiful touches of green!




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