Munday Runday: New Shoes [Again]

The last time I bought new running shoes was nearly a year ago. I snagged two pairs of Brooks for around $80 total during a crazy surprise sale. I rotated those two throughout the year and before I knew it, my fall half marathon was coming up – perfect timing to treat myself to new shoes!

Everything worked out in my favor: race packet pickup was at Second Sole, which is my favorite place to get shoes since they really take all factors into consideration, and I was ready to take the plunge.

So, I made my way over to the Second Sole in Lakewood, picked up my race packet, and snagged some super Adidas (they weren’t $40 like last year’s purchases, but I’m not too mad 😉 ). I’m so excited to try these out and see if I have a new favorite (joining the ranks of Newton Distance U, Newton Energy, and Brooks PureFlow 3).

Plus, look how dang pretty that blue is!




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